Angiograms also aid in detecting blood vessel disorders such as clots, impaired blood flow, and fatty buildup in arteries.Angiography is a type of X-ray used to check blood vessels. Blood vessels do not show clearly on a normal X-ray, so a special dye needs to be injected into your blood first.
As the name implies, a coronary angiography is a diagnostic procedure in which your doctor utilises X-rays to view and inspect the blood veins in your heart.
Your doctor is more likely to advise a coronary angiography if they have reason to believe that there may be something preventing blood from reaching the heart. Additionally, this treatment aids in obtaining detailed images of blood flow to various body organs. Angiograms assist medical professionals in the diagnosis of serious or non-serious conditions that impact the heart, brain, or other body organs’ blood flow.

What is the purpose of the angiography procedure?

Numerous cardiovascular conditions, such as coronary atherosclerosis, vascular stenosis, and aortic aneurysms, can be identified via an angiography. Your doctor might advise this surgery for you for a number of reasons, including:

  • If you exhibit angina or other symptoms of coronary artery disease (chest pain).
  • If you experience problems like intense and nebulous pain in your jaw, neck, left arm, or chest.
  • If you get abrupt or new chest discomfort, this is referred to as unstable angina in medicine.
  • If you were told you have congenital heart disease, a birth condition,
  • If the findings of any non-invasive heart tests, such as exercise stress testing, myocardial perfusion imaging, or echocardiography, reveal abnormalities.
  • If the physician notices any additional blood vessel issues.
  • If you now have a chest injury or have ever had one.
  • If you need surgery because of a heart valve problem.
  • If you experienced a heart attack, cardiac failure, or a stroke.

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